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Economic Development - During and Post COVID

Our economy has been hit hard from the Coronavirus. Working class families and small businesses, like the small family business Sebastian is an executive for – have been hit the hardest. Like many of the challenges facing North Carolina after the great recession, Sebastian believes the foundation used during the Carolina Comeback can help bring a decade of economic prosperity.

Sebastian has played a critical role in bringing career jobs to Guilford County. He has been a part of the team that has made North Carolina the best state for business year after year. Like Sebastian’s mom who wanted a better life for her son, Sebastian has ensured there is an economy that works for every North Carolinian to fulfill their potential and provide a better life for their child or themself. Like too many North Carolinians that believe politicians over promise and have underperformed, Sebastian, unlike many wealthy politicians, can personally relate to the struggles of a working class family and the frustration many feel about our political process. Sebastian will work hard to earn your trust and ensure North Carolina is a place of opportunity where your economic situation today, cannot and will not define your future.


Sebastian’s Plan: 

1.  Sebastian will work to bring a Carolina Comeback that will help promote economic mobility and opportunity for every North Carolinian. 

2.  North Carolina must have a tax environment that is competitive with our neighboring states that will attract career jobs to District 27

3.  A workforce that is equipped with the skills for 21st century jobs

4.  More Private-Public partnerships that help citizens in Guilford County 

5.  Sebastian will sponsor Legislation adding Opportunity-Zones to the state level that will help investment in low-income areas of Greensboro and High Point. 



Sebastian understands the importance of education and opportunity in North Carolina. As a first-generation high school graduate, Sebastian has firsthand knowledge in how important education can be. He owes much of his success to having a quality education and teachers that invested in his success.  Sebastian will advocate for every student to have the educational experience he had.


Sebastian will establish rigorous education standards to ensure we have the best students entering the workforce but will refrain from over-testing students. He will empower teachers with more freedom in their classrooms and utilize advances in technology to promote learning. Sebastian will also partner with businesses to promote job specific-education.

Sebastian also understands the importance of keeping our students safe. When parents drop their students off at school, they expect their student to come home. Sebastian will advocate for modernizing our schools and investing in the best equipment to ensure the safety of our students. 

Sebastian’s Plan:

  1. Invest in Career Skills Training (CTE) so students have jobs when they graduate.

   2. Advocate for expansion of the Guilford Apprenticeship             Program (GAP) 

   3. Invest in Technology so students in North Carolina have           a competitive advantage 

   4. Invest in 21st Century School Safety Devices for our                   Schools 

   5. We will invest in our teachers and schools. 

Government Efficiency

State government has the potential to work efficiently and in a fiscally-responsible manner. However, that possibility is cut short by lawmakers who increase bureaucratic red tape and spend wastefully. As your next State Senator, I will ensure that we keep North Carolina’s credit rating strong and save responsibly. If our state ever experiences another crisis or state of emergency, we should be able to provide an effective safety net for our citizens and small businesses so that North Carolinian dreams of opportunity are not cut short due to government ineffectiveness.

Sebastian’s Plan:

  1. Keep Spending levels in-line with growth in inflation and population

   2. Increase spending on core services while eliminating wasteful               spending


   3. Ensure a healthy State Savings for emergency’s


   4. Ensure North Carolina keeps its AAA credit rating 

Public Safety

Your safety should be a top priority for your elected officials. However, today we are seeing calls for defunding our police, defunding our Student Resource Officers and a lack of safety in North Carolina.  of In order to create an environment in which every individual can thrive, we first need to ensure their fundamental safety and security. I will work tirelessly to establish and advocate for measures that will improve the public safety for District 27. I recognize the brave, selfless work that our law enforcement officers provide and strongly believe that we need to support them in their mission of serving and protecting our communities. We need to focus on providing them with essential training and knowledge to serve all people with equal fairness, justice, and integrity. 


Sebastian’s Plan:

  1. Sebastian will introduce legislation that would pay down student debt for our first responders in coordination with their years of service.

   2. We will ensure Rural Firefighters are on a retirement plan            like our municipal fire departments retirement plan                      because every fireman should be treated the same for                    their service.

   3. Sebastian will sponsor legislation in the Senate to cover                 presumptive cause for our Firefighters. 

   4. We will continue to fight the Opioid crisis and human                    trafficking crisis facing NC by increasing penalty’s for                    human traffickers and providing more resources to those              affected by addiction. 


Keeping your family, friends and loved ones healthy during this challenging time is a top priority for Sebastian. While no one could have predicted the challenges and outbreak of the Coronavirus, it has taught us the importance of being prepared and coming together to ensure our community is safe, but also ensuring our businesses can stay healthy as well. Healthcare policy will continue to be a top priority for Sebastian because a healthy North Carolina is a strong North Carolina.  


Born a child on Medicaid to a young mother, Sebastian understands the struggles for those who are looking to stay healthy and while seeking to find economic mobility. While 1/5th of North Carolinians are on Medicaid, Sebastian has been working hard to not have more people on Medicaid; rather, see the number of North Carolinians receiving quality and affordable healthcare go up in North Carolina. The key is to bring more career jobs to North Carolina which Sebastian has done by making our state the top state for business. Sebastian has also joined leaders in the General Assembly in passing Association Health Plans to ensure affordable and quality healthcare is affordable for small business owners and their employees. While this is a strong start, Sebastian understands there is much more work to do to keep North Carolina healthy.

Sebastian’s Plan:

  1. We must leverage technology advances to make tele-medicine more accessible for patients. This will promote more preventive care, more accessibility to your doctor and a healthier North Carolina.   

   2. Sebastian believes we must know the true cost of healthcare. He will             continue to work with the State Treasurer to bring transparency to                 healthcare. 

   3. Many small businesses will have to close due to insurance policies not           having pandemic coverage for lost wages. Sebastian will work with our         Insurance Commissioner to ensure our small businesses are                           covered in the future. 


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